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Injectables Fillers

Injectables Fillers

Injectable dermal fillers are non-surgical treatments that correct such problems as sagging skin, flattened facial contours, wrinkles, lines, creases, folds, and thin lips caused by the aging process. Dermal fillers come in a variety of formulas that target specific problems and temporarily restore youthful appearance for periods up to two years.

With aging, one of the changes seen is a volume loss of the face, which not only causes wrinkles, but also sagging of the skin. This volume loss can be corrected with injectable fillers, which will restore the natural youthfulness of the face. It can be also be injected into wrinkles commonly seen around the mouth and cheek areas. A specific program is developed for each patient to tailor the treatment to his or her needs.
Facial volume restoration and wrinkle effacement has become one of the most important tools in facial rejuvenation. The fillers used are composed of hyaluronic acids, which are natural products found in your own skin, joints and even eyeballs. They have an excellent safety profile and have been used for over 30 years by physicians. The original medical use for hyaluronic acid was injections into arthritic joints; over the last 15 years it is the major product used to rejuvenate the face.
The filler contains a local anesthetic so there is little discomfort when injected. By using a careful and artistic placement of the product we can restore youthfulness to the face giving a totally natural look. In the upper cheek region we can easily correct the circles around the eyes removing the chronically tired look, giving a younger appearance.
Dr. Carey was the first person to describe and patent the Tri-Site Bolus injection technique in the mid-cheek. He lectures around the world teaching his method.
The safety feature of using hyaluronic acid as a filler is that it can be removed in less than a day by injecting enzymes that our own skin produces to return back to your original state.
Other uses for Injectable Fillers:
Jawline Correction: The lower face was once thought to be an area only correctable by surgery. By careful placement of hyaluronic acid, one can lift up the lower half of the face and remove the appearance of jowls without surgery.

Nose Correction: Fillers can be used to correct noses. Small amounts of material can correct bumps, deviations, and even imperfections that occurred naturally, surgically or accidentally. Surgical correction of noses often requires a complicated procedure with many risks. With fillers you see the correction immediately and can return to work the same day without the need for bandages.

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